Saturday, April 19, 2008

TAG~Trip Down Memory Lane

20 years ago I was 7. I had just learned how to do a back-hand spring. And all I wanted to do in life was be a cheerleader at Woods Cross High School, I guess because my dad coached football there at the time.

10 years ago I was 17. I had a purple car and several speeding tickets and I sluffed a lot of school. I think my main priority was boys and having fun! That is a time in my life, I wish I could go back and be a little smarter with my decision making.

5 years ago I was 22 and was working as the Human Resource Director for Vacation Connection. I was a crazy-in-love newlywed, who was in complete shock when I found out after being married for two and a half months that I was pregnant with Porter. This came as a shock because I had had severe Endometriosis and had been told by 3 different doctors that I would never get pregnant. (proved them wrong 3 times.)

3 years ago I was 24, Rob and I were building our first home in North Salt Lake. I was juggling Real Estate and working for Rob's mom Becky. I taught preschool and  watched 16 kids. I loved working for Rob's mom because I could earn money and have Porter with me all at the same time. On the other hand, Real Estate was booming and I was making some good unreliable money. I got pregnant with Presley and decided that the best place for me was to work with Becky and just do a little Real Estate here and there.

1 year ago I was 26 and ooops! I was pregnant again, living in my grandpa's basement while Rob and I anxiously built our second home in North Salt Lake.

So far this year, I have been loving life! I feel so blessed to have a loving hard working husband and 3 healthy children. I never thought I would love being a mom as much as I do. My kids are everything to me they make me who I am today. We moved into our new home. I love it!! I never imagined I would have a new home at my age. I am so happy and feel like someone is watching out for me.

Today... I woke up to my personal alarm clock, Payton. I got 3 kids and myself ready for the day. Turned on cartoons made breakfast, cleaned the house did some of the never ending laundry, went grocery shopping, changed several diapers, changed my shirt twice, much thanks to Payton. My evening consisted of cutting hair, making dinner ,cleaning the house for the second time, got the kids in the bath and into bed, and then for a much needed down time watched a show with my suga.

This year, I plan to put Porter in Pre-Kindergarten and swimming lessons, potty train Presley, savor every moment of Payton being a baby, continue to have Date Night with Rob, lose some weight, finish decorating my house, and just strive to be a better friend, wife, and mom.

   I tag Heather, Chelsea, Whitney, and anyone else who is up to the challenge.

The Living Planet Aquarium

The kids and I went to see Rob at work.  Then we went to lunch with him at Goodwoods, YUM,YUM!!!  Afterwards, I took the kids to The Living Planet Aquarium.  The kids had so much fun!  It was so neat to see all the differant fish.

A couple of Jelly Fish


My brother Nate, Rob, the kids and I all went Camping in Moab last weekend. It was so much fun! We got to try out our new trailer. Which we lOVE!! Rob and Nate went mountain biking on the Slick Rock trail. They had a lot of fun but got passed up by some girls. The trail kicked their trash to say the least.
lovin the camp fire!!

Rob on Slick Rock.

Isn't it BEAUTIFUL!!!
Porter and Presley did some of their own kind of 4-wheeling.

They have the cutest park with all different kinds of musical instruments.
The kids had a blast!!