Monday, February 16, 2009


Two little lovers...
Rob took me to my favorite restaurant Texas Roadhouse Yummy,yummy! Afterwards, we came home and watched a chick flick then he gave me a great pedicure. He EVEN painted my toe nails. Thanks babe for a wonderful Valentines Day!


I made all my favorite people breakfast

And Chocolate covered Strawberries

I LOVE these DORKS!!!

My mom was so sweet and watched my kids while we went out.


Nate had us over for his Birthday, it was a lot of fun! He made soup that was really yummy. My kids adore Nate. They think he is so awesome, so they wanted to get him something really special for his Birthday. I took them to All A Dollar and let them pick something out for him. Presley gave Nate a pink air freshener and some pink raisers. Porter got him a hammer and a mushroom air freshener. I think they might think Nate stinks.