Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Rob turns 28 on Wed. 26th. Here are 28 things you may not know about him.

  1. He has more shoes then most women. (size 13 to be exact) 

  2. He won't let anyone touch his laundry.  Which is not so bad!

  3. He's a great artist.

  4. He has issues with buying things and then turning around and selling them.

  5. He spoils our kids, BIG time!

  6. He has a dream of being in the secret service.

  7. He makes dentures and teeth for a living.

  8. He has better taste in clothes then me.

  9. He is very good at building things. He built our armor in our bedroom and it is gorgeous!

  10. When he has a plate of food he has to eat all of one thing before going to the next.

  11. He wins every time he plays monopoly.

  12. He lets his alarm clock buzz for an hour before he even gets up.

  13. He loves everything about summer and hates everything about winter.

  14. He loves to tease, tease his kids, tease me, he teases everyone. It drives my crazy!

  15. He gets really excited about tackling a task and then if it doesn't get done within 24 hours he loses all interest.

  16. He doesn't settle.  He is always striving to be better.

  17. He is a super cleaner.

  18. His favorite holiday is the Fourth of July.

  19. He loves scary movies!

  20. He drives like an old man.

  21. He has a great laugh!

  22. He'll get in the shower 10 min before we have to be somewhere.

  23. He'll have nothing to do with throw up.  Just the sight makes him dry heave.

  24. He sets goals and accomplishes them.

  25. He is a great husband.

  26. He tells me and the kids he loves us every day.

  27. He is always interested in others and wants to know what they think about things.

  28. He is always looking for a new adventure.

Monday, March 24, 2008


For Easter we went over to my Dad and Phyllis's.  Phyllis had a cute Easter basket for each of the kids.  And then they had an Easter egg hunt.  The only problem was my brother Nate was in charge of hiding the eggs and I think he ate the candy out of every other one.  It was pretty funny to see the kids faces when they would open an  egg and all that was in it was an empty wrapper.  Don't feel sorry for them they got plenty of candy!
Porter opening an empty egg.

The kids had a glow in the dark Easter hunt at Grammy Chocolates.  And boy did Grammy Chocolate live up to her name.  The kids got chocolate, chocolate and some more chocolate!!  I think they got more candy then they did for Halloween.

Payton and my cute nephew Cooper.

This is Presley before she decided to change her own diaper.
This is Presley's cute outfit after.

The kids are officially in a sugar coma.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Weekend for toys

This weekend we got two new toys, a 2008 Jeep Wrangler and a trailer.  The jeep is awesome! It's hot pink with a purple roll bar and its very own built in radio.  Perfect for cruising around!  The only problem is it wont pull are new trailer.
Rob and I love to take the kids camping! We can't wait for it to warm up a little so we can start taking this baby out.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Best buddies

Rob and Porter are the best of buds they go everywhere together.  Friday night Rob took  Porter to the Grizzles Hockey Game, and then to McDonald's so Porter could get a Happy Meal.  He came home so excited he couldn't quit talking, the funny thing is it wasn't the game that he was so excited to tell me about, it was the toy in the Happy Meal.  
Thanks Rob for always being such a great dad!
Here is Porter anxiously waiting!